What is Begin with ME!

Begin with ME! is a project that provides a rich environment full of resources and support that allows teachers and teacher consultants to work together, share ideas, and learn new ways to help all students, including those with special needs, become better writers.

Principles of Begin with ME!

1. When appropriate technology tools and strategies are integrated into instruction, all students, including those with special needs and those at risk for academic failure will become better writers.

2. Given adequate training and support, teachers can comfortably integrate technology into their writing curriculum.

3. Supporting struggling students in the general education classroom can be effective and easily replicated.

Begin with ME! Process

There are many facets to Begin with Me!

The major components include: 

       A specially designed technology toolkit

       On-going training and support

       Motivating Reasons to Write

       Well developed support teams.

When these four components come together, children become better writers and teachers become more comfortable teaching the writing process to every child in their classroom. The following pages will help you better understand the elements of the Begin with ME! project. We encourage you to use the following resources and develop your own project to support all students.


Frank Miracola
Interactive Learning Consultant
Macomb ISD


Grace Velchansky
Language Arts Consultant
Macomb ISD