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Michigan Association of School Boards
2003 Education Excellence Award
for exemplary school programs.
MASB's Education Excellence Awards program is a statewide competition to identify and recognize outstanding education programs in Michigan public schools.

Michigan's Best 2003 - Michigan Association of School Boards MASB salutes Begin With ME! as "Michigan's Best" in Technology Integration - the highest honor in MASB's annual school recognition program.

Click on the picture below to listen to what Cheryl Hyslop (2007-08 participant) said about the project.

Data for 2007-08

We are excited to announce that the student writing summary scores increase a full point plus, 1.10 overall using the Michigan Educational Assessment Program’s rubric. The increase was one of the best we have ever seen. 

Sample data on teachers involved in the project:

* Their confidence using technology in the classroom to support learning went from 45% stating they were not confident in August to 97% stating they were confident in May.

* As far as having access to the resources and instructional strategies needed in order to provide good writing instruction to their class at large, 51% in August said they did not and in May 100% either agreed or strongly agreed they did.

* In August 45% of the teachers said they did not have access to the resources and instructional strategies needed in order to help struggling writers keep up in the language arts curriculum. In May 95% said they did.

What teachers said:

* “I can't believe how much I have gained from being in the program. I know that my experiences here with Frank and Grace have opened my eyes to some new possibilities in the classroom again. This training is just what I needed this year.”

* “I gained confidence and tools to be a better writing teacher. I am now more capable of assessing student work and making a plan to meet needs of (all) students. I am more aware of the "craft" of writing and the components of good writing.”

* “I truly enjoyed this experience. I feel that my skills have grown as well as the skills of my students. I have noticed much more enthusiasm for writing. My attitude has changed as well. I no longer dread teaching writing.”