Training and Support

Ongoing team training and support ensures successful integration of technology into classroom instruction. Begin With ME! delivers training and support in a variety of ways including hands-on workshops, in-classroom instruction and access to on-line resources.

When the training is repetitive, ongoing and tied directly to the curriculum, teachers become comfortable using technology. When the teachers become comfortable we find they are more willing to encourage their students to use technology to write.

With Begin With ME! three types of support are used: Hands-on, In-Classroom, Online Support.

Hands-On training includes training sessions that are located outside of the classroom. In our case they are located at our Intermediate School District's main facility. The trainings are incremental with the goal of having each participant experience each component of tool kit on three different trainings dates.

In-Classroom training includes sessions with students conducted by district trainers that review topics that were covered during hands-on sessions. These sessions are designed to make teachers more comfortable using the technology in their classroom and at the same time introduces students to the various tools.

Online Support comes in two ways. One is with the use of this website and the other is via the use of a course management system called Blackboard. The Blackboard site s
erves as a repository for resources and includes ideas for Reasons to Write, help line, and schedules. The Blackboard site is available to all participants, all the time and provides a two-way communication connection for participants and trainers.

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